Hello! My name is Killian – I am a Masters in Artificial Intelligence Postgraduate student

I plan to devlop myself into a successful Artificial Intelligence researcher, implementing machine learning to problems in research and industry. I’ve been inspired to pursue this career since watching DeepMind’s AlphaGo in March of 2016 defeat 18-time world champion Lee Sedol in Go, for which to me was a formative experience. I think persuing Artificial General Intelligence is key to preserving humanity aswell as enhancing ourselves by providing us the tools to thrive.

I have researched Neural Network and Deep Learning theory since then; alongside my undergraduate studies. I’ve since recieved a First Class in my Computer Science Bachelor’s degree, and hope to further duplicate this in my Master’s.

I plan to use this website as a portfolio and act as a general site to access myself. If you feel like you may have anything you find may help me, definitely contact me on any of the links on my contact page!

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