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Hello, this is my first post. I’ve wanted to start a blog, or diary, for a few years now, but I finally feel comfortable starting one now. I feel like I have enough base knowledge of computer science and programming prowess to make a start documenting what I am creating and learning.

Blogging publicly will hopefully give me the push and external illusion of pressure to keep the habit of progressing my skills with projects and problem-solving in the area I want to grow in and become an expert. I’d like anyone that stumbles upon my blog to either see themselves in what I write or, better yet, feel inspired to continue to pursue their life-defining and career-orientated interest(s).

For me, this is the computational field of Artificial Intelligence (AI, as I’ll write for the rest of the blog). I’ve distinctively felt compelled since I was 16 when DeepMind’s AlphaGo defeated 18-time world champion Lee Sedol in Go in march of 2016. I’ll be partaking in two PyTorch courses and then moving onto solving problems I find interesting on Kaggle during the next 6 months. I’ll likely also be posting about side projects to this – more than likely games I feel like building. Or even reflecting on projects I create while at university during my degree. I may even respond to articles or news in the field that I find interesting, where I can apply my naive point of view and experience, mainly for anyone’s or future me’s amusement.

If I am to blog successfully this time next year, I should be able to happily look on at least 50 posts discussing weekly-ish thoughts, interests, and other things I’ve learnt. I’d like to have a clear growth pattern in understanding, a sophisticated portfolio, and most definitely better-writing skills.

I would like to have built a proficiency and understanding of implementing Deep Learning techniques to problems, and by this time next year, I should be finalising my course on general machine learning tools from my degree.

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Published by Killian Higgins

Computer Science (MSci) 3rd year | Interested in AI/ML/DL | Lancaster University SCC Dept. Teaching Assistant | Captain for Lancaster University Archery Club

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